Wright, Williams, and Associates Digital Ads and Website - ColdSpark​​​​​​​
Wright, Williams, and Associates is a political strategies firm focused on direct voter contact and campaign management. WWA came to ColdSpark looking for some help to create a digital presence. I helped create a website, digital ads, and social media presence that corresponded with the current branding.The digital ads were designed using a grid system to incorporate the design elements of photography, color system, and copy. The design elements conveyed the ideas of versatility, energy, and friendliness. 
The colors red, blue, and white come from the company brand. To differentiate Wright, Williams and Associates from their competitors, more emphasis was placed on blue and white by making the color blocks slightly larger than the red color blocks. The white color block encompasses the company logo for easy name recognition. The blue and red color blocks hold the text and are designed as an overlay to represent transparency.

To make the typography more dynamic, a combination of slab serif and sans serif fonts were used for the headlines and secondary headline/body copy. The fonts Archer and Avenir Next both have a very strong, energetic, modern, and friendly personality. They also have numerous weights and styles making them versatile.

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