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Mercy Supply Collaborative is a privately held healthcare services organization providing medical needs to customers through disposable medical supplies. Medical supplies in the areas of advanced wound care, traditional wound care, ostomy, urological, skin care, and more. Mercy provides solutions directly to customers, small hospitals, specialty shops,  with supplies from many manufacturers.
Mercy reached out to ColdSpark to help with creating a new identity and branding. ColdSpark was able to design a new identity, collateral items, and website for Mercy.
Brief from Mercy:
The Challenge:
Needs unique name
Needs total rebrand
50+ male & female
Not tech savvy
Continuity is important
How do you see yourselves?
Top of the line "newer wound care." The go to." Not corporate

Christian values / premier vendor. Trust, heritage, christian, family, personable, careful, calculated, "classic/contemporary", established, understated, not too "service looking."

Med Plus

Independence Medical
Initial Direction:
Old fashioned over the counter medical store "R/X" style. "Mom & pop" store personal touch. Caring and compassionate.

Process from ColdSpark team:
First drafts sent to client:
Second draft sent to the client:

Third draft:
Color exploration:
Final logo and mark:
Image exploration:
Stationery & Collateral:
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